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Thema: Leica - A Truly Integrated, Fully Automated Staining/Coversl

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   Titel: Leica - A Truly Integrated, Fully Automated Staining/Coversl

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High-quality reproducible staining and coverslipping applications standardize specimen preparation procedures in the modern laboratory. Automated systems allow a more efficient use of resources and a better utilization of the technician’s time. Considering the values of automation, Leica Microsystems designed a truly automated workstation for staining and coverslipping. Leica ST5020 Multistainer and Leica CV5030 Glass Coverslipper create a highly flexible system featuring walk-away convenience.
Leica ST5020 Multistainer with patented CodeRackTM Technology is a most innovative automated staining system for perfect staining results in the modern histology and cytology laboratory. Programs can be started automatically with the innovative CodeRackTM system based on a color code, which significantly reduces potential user errors. Racks are automatically assigned to the correct staining protocol. It is possible to process up to 4-6 racks simultaneously with multiple staining applications. An optional special staining module with 2 heated reagent stations and an accessory kit enables the automation of common special staining protocols.

The Leica CV5030 Glass Coverslipper economically produces slides of superior optical quality and reliable long-term storage. The acceptance of common brands of mounting media and different sizes of cover glass allows the CV5030 to conform to various laboratory environments. The coverslip station automatically discards broken coverslips. The Leica CV5030 Glass Coverslipper easily adapts to the specific requirements of varying samples such as histology sections, cytology smears, and monolayers and accepts staining racks of virtually all routine slide stainers.

With both instruments combined to set up the Leica ST5020 Workstation the manual handling of racks between stainer and coverslipper is no longer necessary. After the staining process is finished, the slide racks are transported by an innnovative robotic arm from the stainer into the coverslipper.
Leica Microsystems Nussloch GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies in designing and manufacturing scientific instruments for clinical histopathology, biomedical research as well as for industrial applications. The core business of Leica Microsystems Nussloch GmbH is microtomy, cryomicrotomy and other laboratory equipment, such as automated stainers. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of consumables for these instruments. Leica Microsystems Nussloch GmbH is part of the Leica Microsystems Group. The instruments, integrated systems, consumables and related services are available through Leica sales and service companies in 19 countries and more than 60 distribution partners world-wide.

Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH
Lilienthalstrasse 39-45
Bensheim, D-64625

phone +49 6251 136 0
telefax +49 6251 136 155

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